Serene closeup of a textured tree trunk against a backdrop of a thick out of focus forest.

Timber Marketing

Timber markets can be complex. We have the expertise and market knowledge to make sure you get the highest price for the timber products that your land produces.

Eight point buck laying in tall golden grass in autumn.

Wildlife and Recreation Management

For some timberland owners, managing wildlife habitat is as important as managing trees. Fortunately, the two often go hand in hand.

Whether it’s managing habitat for recreation or for diversity, we have the expertise to help you attain your goals.

Closeup of a spruce tree covered in dew

Forest Certification

Forests can be certified by third parties. Huber Resources Corp works with all major providers of 3rd party certification in the US.

We are familiar with all these systems and have guided our clients through the certification process. If forest certification is in your future, we can help.

Example of a GIS map showing layout of Mixedwood, Softwood, Tolerant Hardwood and other classifications.

GIS Services

Geographic Information Systems run from simple maps to complex databases for large properties.

Our GIS professionals can put your property on the map, analyze the geographic data and make the data available to you over the Internet.